Home on the range…

The Great Outdoor Transportation Company (GOTCO) provides custom transportation for your recreational needs! Specializing in shuttles from regional airports and adjacent communities to and around Pinedale, as well as to your entrance/exit trailhead or boat ramp for your fishing trip.

Available Services:

  • Pick-up from the Jackson Hole or Rock Springs Airport
  • Drop-off at one trailhead and pick-up at another trailhead
  • Vehicle shuttles between trailheads in the Wind River Range
  • Vehicle shuttles between boat ramps on the Green or New Fork Rivers
  • Transport to/from other regional locations including homes, businesses, etc.

GOTCO prides itself on safe and reliable drivers, and our staff is confident about getting your trip underway successfully. Our fun, experienced drivers are familiar with the area, and can offer tips and sight-seeing advice throughout the shuttle.

Sublette County, Wyoming is our primary area of operation. It is approximately the size of the State of Connecticut, with a population of approximately 10,000 people. The closest commercial airport is Jackson Hole located 87 miles away. Rock Springs Airport the next closest commercial airportĀ is located 110 miles away from Pinedale. Sublette County is comprised of almost 80% public land bordered by the Wind River Mountain Range to the north, the Wyoming Range to the west, and BLM and State lands. It is a long way between locations in this wide open country we call home. Some of our shuttles can take up to 8 hours to complete, many with more than 60 miles of dirt road. Most of the area including trailheadsĀ have poor if any cell phone service, so prior reservations are necessary.

Shuttle is somewhat of misnomer if you are coming from an urban area! We do not have the volume to offer a regular schedule. Our service is more akin to a private charter transportation service.


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